Our story

Our Story

Style through Storytelling

Who we are:

Alley Tang was founded by Alley – a Melbourne-based mother of two. We offer a beautiful range of women’s accessories including silk scarves, wool shawls and handmade fans.


Our ethos:

Every piece in the Alley Tang collection draws inspiration from unique and meaningful stories of nature, life and literature. Our accessories are handpicked with the concept of expressing everyday style and simplicity through storytelling. The more meaningful an item is to you, the more joy you will feel from wearing it. This is the Alley Tang ethos. 


Our partners:

In order to create a positive and fulfilling experience for everyone, we take care to work with designers and business partners who share our values and ethos.


Take your time as you explore the stories behind every style in our collection, to find the piece that means the most to you. 



Alley Tang's Team