Square Silk Twill Scarf with Parrots and Love Letter in Pink 110


Navy Blue and Red
Tuscan Sun Yellow
Cherry Blossom Pink
  • Product Description

      The scarf is made of 100% Mulberry silk. Twill fabrics technically have a front and a back side,  it is usually more durable and more attractive. The scarf has a sophisticated hand-rolled three-dimensional trim around the edges. The traditional screen printing offer a brighter color. The attention to details result in a wearable work of art that tells the story of its artisans, and carries the legacy of a brand. Silk scarf is a must fashion accessory with incredible versatility. It can be used to keep warm in winter and in any seasons to polish your style by securing hair during outdoor excursions, sporting events especially when horse involved and particularly during the summer months when trips to the ocean.



      Send your Love letters! Don’t keep your feelings inside. When you care about someone – let them know. Express your words and give the gift of Love to a friend, family member, child or spouse. Love transcends all trials, time and challenges. A true Love lasts forever and flourishes in the most difficult conditions. 

      These beautiful scarves are inspired by the iconic novel ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’. It tells the story of two lovers, set in a South American community ravished by wars and cholera. Florentino and Fermina are forbidden to be together. Fermina is forced to marry Urbino, and grows old with him. He dies attempting to rescue his pet parrot from a mango tree. After a lifetime apart, the lovers reunite and are finally together to experience love blossoming in their old age.


      More Information:

      • Material: 100% Mulberry Silk
      • Fabric: Silk Twill
      • Measures: 110cm x 110cm
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      WHAT can be returned?

      Item must be returned with original package with all parts.

      Item must be in resalable condition when it returns.

      Customer would need to pay for the return postage if it is a no seller's fault return.

      Return or exchange for custom orders are not accepted unless there is a quality problem.

      Please be aware that there is always minor defects along with handicrafts and it is not a quality issue. If you are a perfectionism, please reconsider your decisions.


      WHEN do items need to be returned by?

      30 days after purchase


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      Please contact us (service@alleytang.com) and we will give you further instructions.

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      Full refund could be made on request if is our fault.

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      Packing materials?

      Must be in original package

  • Silk Care Instruction

    • Silk Care Instructions


      Even dry clean is recommended for silk, but hand wash for this delicate fabric at home is possible, just with extra care

      1. Use cold water.

      2. Add gentle cleaner within the water, professional silk cleaner is recommended, but baby soap or shampoo is fine

      3. Clean it gently for 2-4 minutes

      4. Rinse in clean water, it may take a few minutes

      5. You may use a towel to dry it or dry the peace of silk away from the sun or direct heat.

      6. You may press silk. Use iron’s ‘silk’ setting. Make sure your silk is still damp before you begin. If it’s already dried, use a spray bottle to add moisture.

      7. Do not press with steam or re-damp the Silk locally, as water staining may occur. In the case the silk water-stains, then dip the garment in warm water for 2-3 minutes, dry and re-iron.


      Note: For those with strong stain, bring it to profession dry cleaners. 


      For more information of how to clean silk, you may refer to: https://www.howtocleanthings.com/how-to-clean-silk/

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